Mary Jane's | SALVE | 4.5oz

Cannabinoids: 270mg THC / 90mg CBD

Product Description


Mary Jane’s Medicinals Cannabis-Infused Salve is the most popular of all our marijuana products, earning rave reviews from customers for its powerful, pain-relieving potential. Infused with premium cannabis, our salve has been carefully crafted for smooth, easy application and quick absorption, making it a wonderful addition to even the busiest daily routine. Enjoy the gently invigorating scents of peppermint, orange, and lavender essential oils as you apply the silky-smooth salve to target areas, then feel much-needed relief in your sore muscles and achy joints. Our Cannabis-Infused Salve is formulated with top-quality cannabis, capturing its anti-inflammatory properties in a simple-to-use form.


Mary Jane's LIP BONG

Cannabinoids: 9mg THC / 3mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | 1:1 COMPOUND

Cannabinoids: 100mg THC / 100mg CBD / 100mg CBC

Mary's Medicinals | CBD MUSCLE FREEZE

Cannabionoids: 10mg THC / 310mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | 1:1

Cannabinoids: 10mg THC / 10mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | CBD

Cannabinoids: 1mg THC / 20mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | CBN

Cannabinoids: 9mg CBN / 1mg THC / 1mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | INDICA

Cannabinoids: 20mg THC

Mary's Patch SATIVA

Cannabinoids: 20mg THC