Mary Jane's LIP BONG

Cannabinoids: 9mg THC / 3mg CBD

Product Description


One of our top-selling cannabis-infused products, Mary Janeís Medicinals Lip Bong is a customer favorite and a must-try for anyone interested in cannabis topicals. Made using cannabis-infused grapeseed oil, coconut oil, peppermint essential oils, and other all-natural ingredients, Lip Bong moisturizes and softens your lips and is ideal for everyday use. The rich, high-quality oils glide smoothly over your lips for easy application, while the cannabis content makes this natural lip balm very healing for even the most chapped or cracked lips. Cannabis also has anti-viral properties, making this balm a good solution for people who suffer from cold sores. Lip Bong isnít just for your lips, either Ė rub a little into your temples for all-natural headache relief.


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