ioVia - True Transdermal Cream - 1:1 CBD/THC

Product Description

ioVia™ True Transdermal Creams
Our Cannabis Cup Award-Winning True Transdermal Creams have been uniquely formulated to provide fast, localized relief along with benefits to your overall wellness. Our transdermal cream base works specifically with CBD & THC molecules, delivering your preferred dose safely and effectively through the skin. If you're new to cannabis wellness or looking for systemic alternatives to smoking or ingesting, our creams offer a convenient and safe way to get the benefits of cannabis with a controlled and precise methodology.

Fast, deep relief
Unscented & discreet
Smooth texture, non-greasy, fast absorption
Formulated for daily use
Trusted Colorado CBD & THC
Available in 3 blends to suit a variety of needs


Mary Jane's LIP BONG

Cannabinoids: 9mg THC / 3mg CBD

Mary Jane's | SALVE | 4.5oz

Cannabinoids: 270mg THC / 90mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | 1:1 COMPOUND

Cannabinoids: 100mg THC / 100mg CBD / 100mg CBC

Mary's Medicinals | CBD MUSCLE FREEZE

Cannabionoids: 10mg THC / 310mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | 1:1

Cannabinoids: 10mg THC / 10mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | CBD

Cannabinoids: 1mg THC / 20mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | CBN

Cannabinoids: 9mg CBN / 1mg THC / 1mg CBD

Mary's Medicinals | Transdermal Patch | INDICA

Cannabinoids: 20mg THC

Mary's Patch SATIVA

Cannabinoids: 20mg THC